In my time at Saint Anselm College, I have taught, believe it or not, twenty-two different courses. Below, however, I have only listed the courses I am teaching or am likely to teach in the near future. As I build more sites for my courses, more links will show up on this page.

History 103: War and Innovation
History 114: The French Revolution and Napoleon
History 226: Modern Europe, 1789-1945
History 326: Modern Britain, 1688 to the present
History 332: Modern France, 1789 to the present
History 333: Europe since 1945
History 352: American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
History 384: The British Empire
History 386: World War II
History 481: History Research Seminar
History 489: History Reading Seminar: George Orwell and the 20th Century